Suicide Forest - Demo 2016

by After Death Alone

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Written and recorded June-August 2016


released August 4, 2016

Dimitris - Electric and acoustic guitars

Ivar - Vocals

Pat - Bass guitar, drum programming, extra guitars

All music written by Dimitris
All lyrics written by Ivar
Mixed and mastered by Pat

To preserve dynamics this album has been deliberately mastered quietly. TURN IT UP!



all rights reserved


After Death Alone Greece

Cross-continental isolation from Greece, Australia and America

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Track Name: LoveSick
Lying here alone
The room is so cold
Without your warmth
My heart barely beating

Your love but a memory
My misery a sickness
My imperfection
Your farewell into dusk

This agony I cannot bear

Lips upon mine
Our eyes locked in gaze
My soul cries in pain
For your embrace

Wallowing in thoughts of you
Wishing you'd return
I'd wait an eternity
To be loved by you again
Track Name: Depression
Blood and tears
Lamenting these years
I've longed to die
I hate this life

Pain unending
My mind, my enemy
Rip my soul from my body

My destiny
This knife in my hand
Liberate me from this body
And subdue my suffering
Track Name: Beside Her Tomb
What do I do
When all I can think of is you?
Left here in solitude
To endure your absence

Lighting a candle
Gazing at a photo
Of us together
Grief swells in my heart

Mortality's frigid fingers
Stilling your heart
Crushing mine with it
Shattering my spirit

I would suffer damnation
Traverse the darkest depths
Of the deepest caverns
To hear your voice once more

You may have left me
But you'll always be in my mind
In my dreams, you're there
Holding my hand

Only sorrow remains
As I slumber upon your grave
Our final resting place

I won't leave you
You are my everything
My home
Is wherever we lie together

Pull me beneath the soil
Our union so loyal
There is nowhere I'd rather be
At your side I felt ecstasy

Must romance be this way
Does what imparts joy
Inevitably lead to pain
By death or disunity

We drift away