After Death Alone

by After Death Alone

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released December 1, 2016

Dimitris: guitars; vocals/lyrics on tracks 1, 3 - 5; drums on track 1
Pat: guitars, drums and bass on tracks 2-5

Daniel Collabolletta (guitars on track 1)
Richard Frith (bass on track 1)
Jose Amay (vocals and lyrics on track 2)

Track 1 mixed by Dimitris
Tracks 2-5 mixed by Pat
Mastered by Pat

Artwork by Cristian Andres

All music written by After Death Alone



all rights reserved


After Death Alone Greece

Cross-continental isolation from Greece, Australia and America

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Track Name: Death is Loneliness
The coffin is my bed
and I rot and smell
No kiss, no cries, no pain
Now I am in hell

..and after I will die
You promise me, dont cry
but search the night sky
that I am about to shine
Track Name: Melancholia
Mi vida es un sueño o una relalidad
Una mezcla de cordura y locura
Donde yo no me encuentro en tranquilidad
Aire negativo atormenta mi mente

Tan solo me veo odiado por mi mismo
Los dias transcurren dejando su huella en mi
La poca luz de un nuevo día me muestra la vida
Entre la obscuridad me escondo con odio

Mi corazón esta en ese presente
Sea mi vida o un sueño
O mi muerte mi realidad
Tendido en el piso entre cuchillas

Mi vida un trágico final
De un sueño infinito
Mi muerte un paso ala eternidad
De una realidad infinita
En el trono de la muerte
Track Name: Cristina
Nothing left for you,
all you love is lost.
Only screams and cries,
your heart is cold as ice

Death is only wish
for body and self release
..oh please take me away,
i cant effort so much pain

Every passing day,
your room is living grave.
There is no love for you
your loneliness is killing you.
You ....are helpless.
Your sadness is endless.
It's meaningless to live,
go and fucking quit!

My wounds, my happiness
My scars , my emptines.
My knife on my wrist,
I bleed like shit.
Where are you, I need you.
You bitch, dont leave me
I'm dying, I'm dreaming.
Goodbye, I'm leaving.
Track Name: Happy Song
I see a future of death and disgrace.
All worlds' diseases rot my flesh.

I see the empty terror of your face
the end is clear, nothing will last.

I see the town of ruins and dust.
I see destruction , the post war began.

Now i see your grave without your name,
none will miss you, will meet you in hell.